Dangers Of REM Sleep Disorder Include Developing Parkinson’s Disease

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One of the main dangers of REM sleep disorder seems to be that a very high percentage (an estimated two thirds) of all REM sleep disorder patients being at risk of developing degenerative diseases of the brain. According to studies on dangers of REM sleep disorder it has been found that patients that suffered from REM sleep disorder were likely to suffer from a number of serious illnesses including Parkinson’s disease as well as dementia accompanied by Lewy bodies.

Enact Dreams

REM sleep disorder is in any case a dangerous disease in which patients enact their dreams that can very often make them do unpleasant as well as nasty and even violent things that can endanger them as well as anyone else that is close to them such as a bed partner. REM sleep causes muscle paralysis in the dream state and the dangers of REM sleep disorder are very serious and need to be dealt with at the earliest.

One of the main dangers of REM sleep disorder include hurting oneself as well as the ones that are close to the person suffering from REM sleep disorders and this means that there is great risk that the patient will begin lacerating, bruising as well as fracturing their bones and in some cases can also lead to brain hemorrhages.

In a study conducted with a view to finding out more about dangers of REM sleep disorder it was found that among twenty-three respondents about five had developed Parkinson’s disease or dementia while ten patients had developed symptoms described as neurological which pointed to a notable risk of developing Parkinson’s disease or dementia. Further studies too are being conducted in order to establish other dangers of REM sleep disorder though there no doubts the fact that REM sleep disorders are precursors to Parkinson’s disease as well as dementia.

The sad part about these studies on dangers of REM sleep disorder is that there is as yet no known effective intervention that can prevent the progression of REM sleep disorder into Parkinson’s disease or dementia or even atrophy (multi-system).

REM sleep behavior disorder episodes take different forms though commonly they involve the sufferer acting out their dreams. In such episodes the patient will make physical movements that mimic what they are dreaming that they are doing. This in turn can make the patient jump and kick and punch and do other things that can put their wellbeing in danger as well as endangers the wellbeing of their bed partners.