Stanford Sleep Disorder Clinic – More Than Just Catching Up On Some ZZZZs

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If you ever wondered where the first sleep disorder clinic originated, it was Stanford. The Stanford sleep disorder clinic is a pediatric facility that deals with infants up to adolescents. No stone is unturned there to find out what the possible problems or reasons could be for sleep disorders. The Stanford sleep disorder clinic, in Redwood City California, and was founded in 1970 by Dr Dement and Dr Guilleminault.

Full Accreditation

The Stanford sleep disorder clinic is fully accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. So there is no doubt your problem will not be solved. For the Stanford sleep disorder clinic, their main objective is treating infants up to adolescents, so when it is time to be booked in, which is 7pm, then you are guaranteed to feel most comfortable, and you are also encouraged to bring your child’s comforts with, with the exception of pets of course.

Time In And Out

While the minimum time for booking into Stanford sleep disorder clinic is one week, you could easily stay there for more than a week or longer. Parents are instructed to stay with the child in their accommodation for the duration of the stay in the clinic. The time required waiting for a booking is on average two weeks to get treatment.

However it is also noted that the Stanford sleep disorder clinic is continually striving to improve their services and research, as some people actually volunteer to have sleeping studies done with them and then get remunerated for it. Some people just go to the Stanford sleep disorder clinic as one way to check up on their general health anyway, just to cover all their bases in every category.

Medical Aid Coverage

While the Stanford sleep disorder clinic is rated the best in America, trying to find a sleep disorder clinic in your immediate area may prove difficult. The demand for sleep disorder clinics is not as great as general clinics are, and if you wish to book yourself into one, you had better make sure that your medical aid covers it.

Not all medical aid policies cover this type of clinic, but if health reasons are discovered to be the problem those could be sorted out by your general hospital or clinic for treatment.

The clinic would refer you with your health problems to your local hospital if you had to have surgery done, or to your local psychologist if you require this type of therapy. These services are usually covered by the medical aid, but probably not the stay and research to find the sleeping disorder itself.

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