UNLIMITED Reseller Hosting Account with Free Website.. JUST $99 


You will receive a professional Website Hosting Reseller website as pictured below and you can see a Live Running Demo. We will register any available domain name of your choice. The Website will offer 3 DIFFERENT streams of income and has the potential to be a “serious money-maker”! This Ready to go online business allows you to make money even when your customers don’t buy anything! Read on to learn more about all 4 different streams of income.

Your Website Hosting Service Website is NOT an affiliate site and the new owner will be able to change the content as you see fit, set prices, choose which affiliate program ads to display and will keep 100% of all profits generated by the website. The website comes setup with paypal subscription payments built in so ALL of your hosting customers will re-bill automatically eliminating the need for an expensive billing dept. The cPanel control panel also supports all languages so the hosting control panel can be customized to any languages you want or even different languages for different users.

FACT: Website Hosting Is A Reliable, Multi BILLION DOLLAR Industry….Talk about a potential Cash Cow!

This Ready to go online business allows you to make money from The Websites users without having to sell anything! The Website will come search engine optimized and ready to attract organic search engine traffic from the keyword rich help articles and searchable content already included. Users will be able to check out information, videos and products related to Website Hosting Reseller. The website was built using a responsive mobile device friendly theme meaning your users can access the website with the same look and feel from their cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

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Have You Ever Heard the Term ‘Content Is King’ ?

Included is a collection of 5 professional private label articles which you can edit and call your own. Each article has income producingcontextual ads integrated so you get paid for every click! Better yet each article automatically increases the keyword count which will ensure The Website will be indexed by all the major search engines such as google and yahoo which is the key to constantly getting laser targeted traffic month after month and the best part is you will never pay a single red cent for any of the traffic! In addition to the articles The Website also loaded with many informative how to videos that will keep your users coming back for more.



The Website features a powerful wordpress admin area that will allow the new owner to control ALL aspects of the websites from articles & blog posts to Advertisements and WordPress Plugins. The best part is the admin area is 100% point & click which means no prior website knowledge or special skills are required. The admin area also gives you direct access to 1000s of FREE wordpress plugins from Google sitemaps to language translators that you can automatically install with just 1 click of your mouse.


How The Website Will Earn Money:

Income Source #1
The Website currently offers 3 hosting packages that customers can your on a monthly or yearly basis. The starter plan is $4/month or $32/year, the small business plan is $7/month or $56/year and the professional account is $8/month or $70/year. The system will automatically re-bill customers on a monthly or yearly basis making the billing system complete automated for you. You can set the prices as you see fit and you will keep 100% of ALL sales and re-billings.

Income Source #2
The Website will come setup with contextual ads on every single page that will automatically target to your user based on their past searches. Each time a visitor clicks on any one of those ads you will be paid a nice payout of on average $0.25 – $1 per click. Let me be clear, the visitor does NOT need to buy anything, they just click the ad and you make money. These ads pay anywhere from a $0.10 to $20 per click, depending on the popularity of the keywords related to your site.

Income Source #3
The Website will have several search boxes integrated across the website pages, you will be paid a for each search done by your users. From past experience the average amount you will earn is between $0.04 and $0.12 per search done.

Income Source #4
The Website will have ads integrated across all the website’s different pages referring advertisers to 7Search. When a new advertiser registers after clicking from your site you will earn 10% of that new advertiser’s expenditures for one year. From past experience the average amount you will earn is between $10 and $50 per advertiser referred. The Website also comes with a built in shopping cart that will allow you to directly sell your own products or services with ease. You will be able to process customer payments using paypal or google’s checkout if you choose to use the shopping cart to directly sell your own products/services.

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cPanel WHM Features:

Each one of your Hosting client accounts will have access to cPanel user control panel and the new owner will have access to cPanel web host manager all at NO COST to you! cPanel provides an intuitive interface to help website owners manage their sites, while WebHost Manager (WHM) automates server management tasks for server administrators. Together, they reduce overhead by simplifying complex tasks and allowing customers to manage their own accounts. Professionals and novices alike love the power cPanel and WHM offers, including the ability to activate new web technologies with the click of a mouse. This allows your company to meet the needs of today’s hosting customers with minimal effort.


 UNLIMITED Reseller Hosting Account with Free Website.. JUST $99