How To Use The cPanel Hosting Control Panel

November 13, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Hosting Help

Welcome to our beginners help guide on how to use cpanel’s user end hosting control panel. We will go over how to use some of the most functions available inside the hosting control panel that are used most by the average user.

Setup and Manage Email Accounts:

You can setup email addresses and manage those addresses inside your hosting control panel. To setup an email address you will first need to login to your hosting control panel, once logged in look for the heading labeled “Mail” then select the icon “Email Accounts” where you will be promoted to enter the email name and password you want for this account, now finish by clicking on “Create Account” and your email address is created.

You can login to your email account to send/receive emails by clicks the “Access Webmail” button beside the email account you want to access OR go to to login. Your username is your email address and use the password you selected when you created the account. You will have 3 choice of web based mail programs all of which offer the same functions so its really just a matter of whichever program you like best. Select one of the email interfaces and your sent to your inbox where you cans end and receive emails sent to your new address.

Upload, Edit or Delete Files:

You have access your website files using the built in file manager tool. Login to your hosting control panel, look for the “Files” heading then click the “File Manager” icon. Now you will be asked which directory to open the file manager in, select “Document Root” plus the domain and click “Go”.

The file manager tool will now open, you will see a list of all the files and directories. You will also see a tool bar near the top of the window with all the options you can perform using the file manager. For example to upload click the upload icon, the upload window will open and allow you to search your computer and attach files which then get uploaded automatically. To edit a specific file you first should click the file you want to edit which will highlight in blue, now select the option from the toolbar icon list to proceed.

Any changes made in the file manager are instantly live, we recommend that you make a quick back up copy of any file you edit before hand in case you make a mistake you can simply upload the original and start again.


Adding New Websites you want to host:

To setup additional websites to be hosted under your account you will need to have the domain name setup and pointed to the same nameserver settings as your main domain. You can then login to your cpanel and looks for the “Domains” heading then click the icon named “Addon Domains”. You can now enter your new domain, the next 2 fields will auto populate leave those settings as is and enter the password then click “Add domain”. Allow the system to process the addition and wait for a success message to load on the next page.

You can now go ahead and upload the files for this website into the folder now created at by the system at public_html/ (replace with the actual domain)

You will also be able to create and manage email accounts from the “Mail” section of your hosting control panel.


Check Traffic Stats:

The hosting control panel offers several built in traffic tracking programs to choose from. Login to your control panel and look for the “Logs” heading, now select “AWstats”. You will now see a list of all the domain names your hosting under this account, click the looking glass image beside the domain name you want to see the traffic stats for.

You can now see a detailed break down of the website’s traffic stats which you may then refine to see traffic generated during specific periods. If you like to get even more detailed information about the traffic use the options in the left side bar to display info such as which countries your visitors are located, who is referring the traffic to the website and many more detailed stats.


Back Up Your Website:

Backing up your website on a regular basis is extremely important. The hosting control panel will allow you to easily back up your ENTIRE account including all files, databases, email accounts and stats for all the websites you are hosting.

To back up your account login to your hosting control panel and look for the “Files” heading then select Backup Wizard”. Now click the “Backup ->” button… now click “Full Backup ->” button then select “Home Directory” from the Backup Destination drop menu. The system will now generated the back up copy of your account and store the copy in the home directory once done, the back up can take a while if your account is very large. Once done download the back up to your computer for safe keeping and delete the back up file form the home directory which can be done using the “File manager” tool.
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