How To Upload or Download Using FTP

November 13, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Hosting Help

FTP is a standard way to upload or download files between your local system and your web server. As a developer use a FTP software daily to connect to hosting accounts for uploading or downloading large amount of files at one time. Over the years i have used 10+ different FTP programs, including several paid programs. That was before i started using FileZilla, once i tried FileZilla i never used any other FTP program. FileZilla is fast, stable, easy to use, and best of all its free!

This is a quick tutorial how to use Filezilla to connect to your hosting account so you too c an upload or download files quickly and easily to and from your web server. You will need the following details regarding the FTP account on your server:

After downloading and installing filezilla open the program up. You will see lots of options HOWEVER To connect to a hosting account you will ONLY need the following paces of info:


* For the Host enter (if your domain is or you can enter the IP address of the server if you know it.

* For username enter the same username you would use to access your hosting control panel.

* For password enter the same username you would use to access your hosting control panel.

* Now hit “Quick Connect” button to login.

NOTES: if login fails because you are required to enter a port enter 21 as the port.

Filezilla has 2 main sections which are Local Site and Remote site. Local site refers to your computer and Remote site is the hosting account.

To upload files to your hosting account side which is Remote site, you should see public_html folder… Double click that folder to enter the directory. The public_html folder is the main directory where your website files should be uploaded…. You can now drag and drop items directly from your computer into the “Remote site:” side. This will start the upload process, do NOT shut the program down until the upload is complete. You will know an upload (or download) is complete by looking in the “Status:” section just below the login info. The final line will show Status: “Directory listing of “/public_html”successful.

To download files from the server to your computer you can highlight the files you want on the server side then simply drag and drop the files onto your desktop or wherever folder you want to download those files into.

Its really that simple, I’m sure first time you look at the software it may seem complicated but it really is NOT. After you upload or download a few times you will understand what I mean when i say uploading or downloading files using Filezilla is child’s play. More Webmaster Help Articles Now Available.