Start a Web Hosting Business

November 13, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Hosting Help

If you are looking for a real way to make money online with your own business? This article will cover How to start a hosting business. You should consider starting your own website hosting provider, even with some local marketing and free ads posted on the internet you can earn a very nice income and you would really only need to setup new customer accounts, this takes less than 3 minutes. You would want to use an automated re-billing system with a payment processor like pay pal that will automatically bill your hosting customers month after month without you having to do any invoicing or billing of your clients.

There are very few big industries that a small or start-up business can compete. Website Hosting Is A Reliable, Multi BILLION DOLLAR Industry that ANYBODY can get into with just access to a computer and internet. With a reseller hosting account you would basically get a server, you can then add hosting accounts onto that server for yourself or your customers. Each account your hosting would have its an independent cPanel control panel with separate access allowing you to have as many account as you need. You can add new accounts to the server any time of day or night instantly and very easily from any browser using a simple point and click web host manager tool you will be given access to. In order to run your Website Hosting Business you will need a reseller account from a hosting provider the cost ranges between $10 to $25 a month or cheaper if you were to pay for a longer term, for example 1 year. That would be your total overhead to run your very own Website Hosting Business.

When your looking for a reseller hosting provider be sure to look for fine print since some companies charge a low introductory rate and then raise it once you have customers or limit the amount of bandwidth and disk space you can use and if you go over you will be paying per GB, similar to how cell phone providers charge. The best thing to do is find a reseller hosting account that offers you unlimited account and bandwidth, this will prevent any surprise costs. The next most important feature to make sure your reseller hosting account offers would be the hosting control panel platform is cPanel. This should include a user end cPanel control panel for all your accounts as well as a cPanel web host manager so you can access your server thru the point and click interface and easily add or remove accounts as you need to.

If you follow the plan laid out for you in this article you will be up and running with your very own website hosting reseller business while being able to avoid the few pitfalls that can hurt your in the start-up stage of your website hosting business. More Reseller Hosting Information

Thank you for reading our article, Good luck to you. More Hosting Reseller Help